… to a respective of Tom Crain's sculpture! Enjoy visiting as we continue to update the site with photo galleries featuring diverse collections of Tom's work in the coming months.

One-of-a-Kind Carvings

From saber-tooth tigers, satyrs and the Greek Gorgon Medusa, to snakes, wildlife and the human skull, Tom virtually has carved it all ... large and small!saber-tooth tiger handle

A carver of wood, stone, metal, antique & fossil ivory* and more, there's little in the realm of subject matter Tom hasn't mastered with a chisel. Representing a sculpting career spanning five decades, his work ranges from miniature to heroic in size. Each unique piece springs to life from the artist's imagination and vast knowledge of nature. Tom uses a subtractive sculptural technique, carving and engraving material away—such as wood, stone ivory and steel—to create each sculpture from a larger mass, as in the spalted sycamore saber-tooth tiger wall hanging illustrated to the right. (Click on photo for more information.)

Subject Matter

Motifs and themes run the gamut — from delicate floral jewelry to larger-than-life figures of myth and prehistory. Fully-functional, custom-made art knives, featuring Tom's original two-fingered GripGuardā„¢ and high carbon L6 steel blades, are his particular passion.


Wood, metal, stone, shell, and antique/fossil ivory are among the many natural mediums Tom carves. Many of his art knives marry complementary and diverse materials, such as wood, metal and ivory, which are integrated to form a single "mixed media" work of art.

Photo Galleries Coming Soon!

New photo galleries featuring collections of Tom's original carvings, such as decorative sculpture, art knives, cane handles and jewelry, will be posted over the coming months.

*Ivory sculptures featured on this site were fashioned from antique, historical and fossil ivory and in no way endanger any living species. They were carved from legal pre-ban, antique and fossilized ivory in accordance with U.S. and international laws. These materials include antique ivory collectible items, such as old piano keys, billiard balls, buttons and brush handles, in addition to historical ivory recorded pre-ban and over 100 years old. Fossil ivory is ancient ivory that was unearthed after being buried for thousands of years, often acquiring the earthy hues of surrounding minerals.

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